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Options to buy recordings that I offer

The recordings I offer can be bought exclusively at 'Discogs'. As I elucidated on my home page already, I am not a dealer, therefore I don't want to launch an on-line shop in this particular case.

Due to my personal experience with this platform, I can assure, that it is a comfy option to buy and sell recordings; without having issues or investing needless time and effort, to avoid possible mistakes of exact classification of a certain pressing.
Additional safety offers the system of feedback for completed transactions. With this option both sides get the possibility, to express themselves about the business processing in general and the accuracy of the seller's grading in particular.

I regularly use 'Discogs' services myself to purchase recordings, that have been deleted already and can't be bought thru regular distributors any longer. In this case, as customer I have experienced grading issues with single sellers, really rather little. In contrast to other sales platforms, here they obviously work more professionally regarding proper grading, and above all more reliable.

My preferred method of payment is *PayPal*, which I use myself constantly since 2002. During this period I solely had 2 transactions with conflicts as buyer.

*PayPal* offers support in these situations. In individual cases, even up to refund of the complete payment. A certainty, that isn't offered from any other payment service else. Apart from that, they offer as a unique feature, worldwide payments, for which you will not get charged. If it is not possible to process the payment with *PayPal* in exceptional cases, then ask for alternative options. These can be offered for countries that have joined the European currency union only!

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Sales offers

To see these, simply click on the headline of this paragraph or on anything that shows 'Discogs' or where it is written.

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