Vinyl record sale of eclectic genres from a personal collection
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Attempt of an explanation

For those, who are interested in a reason for the sale of some of my recordings.
This collection, in her present composition, consists for more than 45 years already. During this period multiple changes in the consistency regarding various genres happened. This means, that more or less regularly some titles have been weeded out and sold in different forms.

Despite this continuous turnover the collection as a whole has grown constantly during my "career" as record collector. So it finally reached the limit of space, that is available in our residence. It was never my ambition to determine the exact number of vinyl recordings, albums as well as singles, that I own in total. Mass was never my aim, Class is what thrills me!

After I retired lately, I decided, to continue the data base project, I started years ago, that shall contain every single item of my recording collection. I will know the exact number of recordings in my record collection, in case I will ever finish this time-consuming project. But, as I mentioned above already, that has no priority.

Since the beginning of the '70s by 'set sales' and auctions in record collector magazines and appropriate newspapers, later, when computers and the Internet became more common; by on-line auctions and membership in different collector forums, I increased my knowledge of the international music scene. Over time, I was influenced through various experiences, such as, working during two years as a disc-jockey in a vanguard discotheque in the middle of the '70s in Berlin.
My further exploration for interesting music, as well as my purchase decisions have been clearly influenced through this evolution. By the increasing contact with other disc-jockeys and record dealers, who did suggestions, the area of the genres and the range of my collection has been increased.








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This continuous development has led, to the fact that the records accumulated by me have become a quite personal collection in the end, which meets the taste of other music enthusiasts not necessarily.

During many chats with collector friends of different nationalities and of different ages, I was repeatedly confronted with 'the question': "what will happen with my record collection, when I am gone, or can't live any longer without medical help respectively physical support?"
A thought, that many of us suspend, because it reminds us on the fact, that everything is unlasting, also the care of a not just quite small records collection. After I had to realize, that some collector friends of mine passed away, either because of long-lasting diseases or suddenly and unexpected, I can't push aside this fact and pretend to think, that there won't be an end at all.

I have reached the last quarter of my time on earth now. As my collection is still growing and I am getting older at the same time, I notice more often, while browsing my record cabinets, an increasing number of vinyl recordings, that I haven't heard in the last 15, 20 and more years. I became contemplative about this, I certainly enjoy the variety of music of my entire collection. But I realize of course, that the these "little gems" are a not inconsiderable asset.

I feel relief by the thought, that I can be assured, not least through the prices, that I fetch for my sales, that these purchasers are obviously collectors, which truly appreciate this music. I suppose this fact is an evidence of quality of my offers. It is wonderful and reassuring to know, that there is growing a new generation of music enthusiasts. Nothing tortures me more than the idea, that dealers would plunder my collection, which I have maintained for so many years; just for "cherry picking" and pocketing the maximum financial profit after that only.